John McCann


John McCann is the Founder of Nave, and the person behind the idea of paying it forward through customization of apparel. With a desire to empower people through fashion, he developed the idea of Navé as a result of a class project at Loyola University. His business savvy and relentless commitment to bringing the highest quality clothing available to the market keeps the brand ahead of the curve.


Hope Henderson

Creative Director / Designer / Graphic Artist 

With a combined 9 years of design education and experience Hope Henderson brings her distinct design aesthetic to the brand. Her attention detail and skill set give the brand its crisp professional look.



Sasha Poché

Creative Director / Designer /J.D.Candidate

Sasha Poché's education in law coupled with her keen eye for all things creative bring a unique perspective to the brand. Her decisiveness and confidence give the brand its forward moving trajectory. 



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