New Orleans is a historic city filled with attractions, food, and its charming atmosphere. People come from all over the country to indulge in what is known as “The Big Easy” lifestyle that is practiced amongst New Orleans’s natives. Aside from the food and culture, New Orleans is famous for its biggest event of the year: Mardi Gras.

Edward Buckles New Orleans film maker and film educator at Edna Karr High School. Most notably known for his highly anticipated debut feature film ‘Katrina Babies’.

New Orleans has a culture like no other. People fly all over the world just to get a taste of the city’s unique soul. From music to art, New Orleans has served as a muse to many artists. It is no wonder people from all walks of life travel here to experience it.

At just 23 years old, Chancelor Johnathan Bennett, also known as, Chance the Rapper has seen more success than many artists signed to major labels. Chance is an independent artist who does not sell his music, but rather gives it to listeners free of charge. His stream-only album, Coloring Book, was the first of its kind to be nominated for one of music’s highest honors, a Grammy award. He received three of these awards for the Coloring Book project.

Givenchy, as most know it now, is not the same brand it was 12 years ago. Young Italian designer Riccardo Tisci joined the House of Givenchy as artistic director and designer at a time when the brand was declining. Tisci redefined the brand by infusing his edgy design aesthetic into the garments and increasing the brand’s online presence exponentially. He has dressed musical artist from Rihanna to Madonna and Pusha T, actors from Robert Downey Jr. to Christina Ricci and notably, social media mogul Kim Kardashian West. 

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